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Farrah (Pixel) – 11 December 2013

Hi Cherylee,

Thought I just let you know that Pixel is doing very well, and that we love her to bits.
We do however have a complaint to lodge. Our contract states that, in exchange for a sum of money, we get a cat. At first we thought all was well, but now we are not so sure. Of late, it seems more like you sent us a dog, camouflaged as a cat.

Evidence of this includes the following (but not limited to this alone):

She insists on riding in the car with us. Every morning, she follows Lise and/or me to the car and promptly jumps in, taking her spot in the rear window. We then proceed to drive the +- 20 meters from our parking bays past the house, to drop her off. She doesn’t make it easy for us to pick her up though, and often holds onto something when you attempt to lift her out of the car. But oh, how she enjoys her rides in the car. We can go for long distances, and she just loves it.
When we tell her to ‘sit’ just before putting her bowl down, she obliges – we never even taught her the word, just tried it once as a joke, and she promptly sat down. Now we do it sometimes for fun, and she sits without fail.
Recently, we started finding holes in our garden. These holes are not used for self-relief by her, they are just dug, and left.
Her best friend is one of our neighbours’ husky dog. I’ve never seen her eat any dried catfood – she refuses anyway. But would you believe me, I once saw her eat one of Levi’s dog pellets. Maybe he’s a bad influence.
When we arrive home, she sprints to come and greet us. Typically, jumps on my shoulders and proceeds to rub her head in my neck – thank goodness no slobber.
Honestly, she is the best little dog though!

Thanks again
Best regards