Artékatz Indira

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Indira – 30 April 2014

Hi Cherylee

Allergies settling down surprisingly well.

Indira now has the run of the house, she had a great day yesterday snoozing on the laps of the kids and she has a very loud purr. She has all her toys and when she is in the mood she goes crazy for them, she especially likes the flashy bird on the rod, more so than the yellow feathers with the bell. Will try rolling the ball down the passage for her, we have a long one so that will tire her out. She is a great jumper by the way, but you probably know this.

She is quite a talker and attention seeker, happy to interrupt whatever is going on for a quick, or long, cuddle. I knew she would be well humanized but did not quite realise how good a job you would do with her, she is very well adjusted, extremely friendly and outgoing, not at all reserved, not scared of the kids – in fact she seeks us out, any will do, as soon as she needs or wants some attention.

Introduced her to the dogs through the gate of the kitchen, dogs very pleased to see her, lots of wagging tails though Indira was less accommodating, turned herself into a big hissing ball of fluff but couldn’t help herself from inching ever closer to investigate. I think we will give it a while before we let her out into the garden.

So yes, she is on our beds, kitchen table and TV couch – fewer sniffles and sneezes so I am hoping I will get used to her as seems to be the case. Kids are in heaven with her and she is very settled and relaxed with them, happily purring away as she sleeps on their laps, at being picked up etc. She is definitely part of the family and is exactly what/who we wanted, a willing and tactile companion for the kids (& us!).

Will stay in touch,

PS she is eating well, sleeping well and seemingly very content.