Tips for new kitten owners

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Thank you for choosing me to be your new companion!

Leaving my mom and siblings was not easy, but I am sure you will quickly replace them by giving me lots of cuddles and love. My parents and owners gave me much attention, loved me and made me brave by getting me used to many strange sounds and experiences.

Here are some tips enclosed in my luggage to help you make my arrival easier. If you have other pets, introduce us sensitively. It can even take up to 3 weeks for us to get used to each other.
Use playtime to help us bond, as we are then both distracted by chasing a toy. For the first week, keep me in a room where I can’t get out…just so I can get used to the new smells and sounds of a different home.

When you come in to feed me, or play with me, talk to me in a calm voice and make a big fuss with petting and kisses …. just so that I feel special. I am trained (yes really) to come running when you call me. Be it for food, treats, cuddles or a play with my favourite toy!

While I am still a kitten in the growing up phase, I need 3 small meals a day. I have been raised on minced ox heart, raw mince, chopped chicken necks, checken heart or sometimes boiled chicken with pumpkin and rice (this really helps if my tummy is a bit runny).
Treats can be Greenies, biltong or a lick of plain yoghurt with a little honey. Be economical with treats, as they are also food. As I have been neutered and get older, you should watch my weight.

Sometimes I manage to eat a strange bug that makes me a little ill. I might vomit or have a runny tummy. Don’t panic unless it lasts for more than 3 days! You can also use Protexin, an inexpensive additive from the vet which will balance my stomach flora.
Cats would never eat wheat in nature, so no bread, biscuits or cake please 🙁

I also get Royal Canin Instinctive kitten pouches and Kitten 36 dry kibbles. These are very convenient if you are in a hurry and always leave some extra kibbles for me.

N.B. Fresh water daily is extremely important, either a glass bowl of water or a small water fountain. I NEVER drink milk, except Kitty milk as a kitten. Dairy can give me a funny tummy!

I will arrive with my first vaccinations done and dewormed. I need to receive my booster 3-in-1 vaccination, panleukemia vaccination and rabies 4-6 weeks after my first vaccination and then be re-vaccinated every 12 months and dewormed every 4 months.
I am identified by a microchip under the skin between my shoulder blades.

When you call me for a play-date … that is my favourite time with you!! Please remember to take away any long strings or feather toys with cords when you leave the room. They can get caught around my neck.

To my little girl owners … please don’t leave any elastic bands where I can get them! They are great fun for me to chew, but if I swallow them they will tie up my stomach inside and I could die.
If you see that I am not eating and just looking different, please book an appointment with the vet for me.

In my home we had many cat scratch trees and real trees. If you would prefer I didn’t scratch your furniture, you will have to buy me a scratch tree.

My coat is very easy to maintain. I can normally maintain it myself, but during the two main shedding seasons (Spring and Autumn)…I might need a little help. Then a daily brush to get rid of moulting hairs….it can be a bonding time too.
The best time to brush me is when I am tired and settling down to rest.

The fresh raw meat I eat helps me to not have hairballs, but if I eat mostly kibbles, you will occasionally have to give me Animallax (from the vet) to help with hairballs.
I also sometimes like to eat grass…it’s my medicine. If I live only indoors, you can get me a small pot of cat grass to stand in the room …. remember to water it so it stays fresh?

If I am to be only an indoor cat, please remember to clean my CATS BEST litter sandbox regularly. No one likes to get to the toilet and find it dirty ?
I am happy to go outside to the toilet too, just slowly move my box closer to an open window and then move it outside the window.

I am very forgiving and if you accidentally step on my paw or tail.
…. a quick kiss and cuddle will make me feel much better!
The only thing I cannot forgive is if you mistreat me or beat me. Never pull my tail or kick me and never beat me for any reason.
If I am doing something you disapprove of, you may be stern with your voice – I do understand that.
NEVER use your hand as chew toys….a soft toy in your hand is ideal for me to fight with. Hands are ONLY for petting and serving food ?

I don’t need a big garden or an expensive home to live in. All I really need is to be LOVED, fed and played with and in return I will be a loyal companion and friend for many years, waiting for you when you return from your working day.
If there is anything you do not understand or need help with, you can give Cherylee a call or drop her an e mail.

I know she is so very proud of us and loves knowing we are doing well with our new families. She raised us to be strong brave cats and would love to see how we are growing up.

Numbers you might need:

Blue Hills Vet 011-318 2340
Star Butchery 011-465 1714
Cherylee 082-569 5737
Oliver 082-785 3534