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Artekats Siberian cat litters born are already reserved as we currently have a waiting list of 6 -12 months, depending on litter sizes and if people drop out of the waiting list.

At the time of transfer the kittens are around 11 weeks of age for males and 12 weeks for females, have been  neutered/ spayed, micro chipped (registered on the Five Star database) and  received their first 4-in-1 vaccination. For first time kitten owners a starter-kit can be provided as well as any information you may require to make the transition as easy and pleasant as possible for the kitten.

We pride ourselves in doing the best possible job in socialising our kittens, making them brave, not afraid of noises or movement, eating various foods, get used to cat carriers and be an all-round great pet. Above all, they have shown to adapt to their new environment and the people exceptionally fast, immediately exploring their surroundings (no hiding under beds here) and settling in within a  day or two.

You are welcome to come and visit our cattery in Lonehill, near Fourways, north of Johannesburg, also to test for an allergic reaction if you suffer from cat allergies. Come and see these wonderful cats in their home environment, we are always happy to meet any potential ‘parents’ of our kittens in person. You can Contact Us 7 days a week.


Our Waiting Lists


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Some strange questions I need to answer….


  • Does my new kitten need a night light????
  • Why is my new kitten sounding like a tractor?
  • There is something in the sandbox….what do I do with it?
  • My kitten is panting…does she have asthma and need to be taken to the vet?
  • Can I leave my new kitten to go to the shops quickly?

Letter to new kitten owners


Kitten Contract