Why Siberians

Hypo-allergenic Traditional and Neva Masquerade Siberian cats make excellent pets, as they are intelligent, playful, loving and loyal.
Furthermore, Siberian cats love water and will often dunk toys into their water bowl, or bring toys to their favourite human for a game of fetch!

Siberian cats are known to be dog-like so tend to be both a great problem solvers and also, like dogs, loyal to their adopted family.
This robust and natural breed is  well suited to households with other pets and children and integrates well with other animals.

Siberians are often a good choice for allergy sufferers, as they produce less FEL D-1 protein in their saliva. It is the saliva, not as commonly assumed the hair, that people are allergic to.

Siberian Kitten Development

ArteKatz Graffiti at 6 weeks, 6 months ( pointy muzzle) and then at 2 years.

I love how this breed changes so much untill they mature at 5 years

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What our cat parents say...


The first official pedigree was established in Russia in 1987, the breed was registered in the USA in 2000, so it is a relatively new breed. Siberian cats can take up to 5 years to mature, with males weighing up to 10Kg 

They are typically not very vocal cats (our big silver female is an exception) and but communicate with small chirps. Talking to them as kittens does get them to ‘talk’ back and one can teach them to be vocal

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Tea in the garden surrounded by the beautiful hypoallergenic Siberian cats
By appointment only

Logo Development

The development of the ArtéKatz logo, from the original idea to the final product. Cherylee is an artist and cat breeder, the logical name was ArtéKatz!

Our Litters

ArteKatz Siberian litters born are already reserved for customers, as we generally have a waiting list of 3-6 months during the breeding season, depending on litter sizes and if people drop off the waiting list.

At the time of transfer, the kittens are around 12 weeks of age, have been  neutered/ spayed, micro chipped (registered on the Identipet database) and  received their first 3-in-1 vaccination. For first time kitten owners a starter-kit can be provided, as well as any information you may require to make the transition as easy and pleasant as possible for the kitten.

We pride ourselves in doing the best possible job in socialising our kittens, making them brave, not afraid of noises or movement, eating various foods, get used to cat carriers and be an all-round great pet. Above all, they have shown to adapt to their new environment and the people exceptionally fast, immediately exploring their surroundings (no hiding under beds here) and settling in within a  day or two.

You are welcome to come and visit our cattery in Lonehill, near Fourways, north of Johannesburg, also to test for an allergic reaction if you suffer from cat allergies. Come and see these wonderful cats in their home environment, we are always happy to meet any potential ‘parents’ of our kittens in person. You can Contact Us 7 days a week

Artekatz Yahoo


 Sp.Ch.Elias vom Hagedorn

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Artékatz Harley

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Artekatz Siberians

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