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Artekatz Siberians is the foremost breeder of siberian cats in South Africa, bringing joy to cat lovers who could previously not own a cat due to allergies.




Hypo-allergenic Traditional and Neva Masquerade siberian cats make excellent pets, as they are intelligent, playful, loving and loyal.Furthermore, siberian cats love water and will often dunk their toys into their water bowl, or bring toys to their favourite human for a game of fetch! Siberian cats are known to be dog-like so tends to be both a great problem solver and also, rather like dogs, loyal to its adopted family. Therefore, they are well suited to households with other pets and children. Most noteworthy, this robust natural breed integrates well with other animals and is often a good choice for allergy sufferers, as they produce less FEL D-1 protein in their saliva. It is the saliva, and not as commonly assumed the hair that people are allergic to.



The first official pedigree was established in Russia in 1987, so it is a relatively new breed. Siberian cats can take up to 5 years to mature with males weighing up to 9kg. They are typically not very vocal cats (our silver female is an exception), but communicate with small chirps.






Allergies settling down surprisingly well. Indira now has the run of the house, she had a great day yesterday snoozing on the laps of the kids Read More
30 April 2014
Thought I just let you know that Pixel is doing very well, and that we love her to bits Read More
Farrah (Pixel)
11 December 2013
We just wanted to let you know that Freud is doing very well. He’s a little blessing in our lives (even when he wakes me at 5 AM EVERY morning). Read More
10 September 2013
He’s such a little floppy darling.  :). He went down to the beach with us on a leash yesterday…Read More
11 August 2013
Dezi is afraid of nothing.  One hell of a personality. She slept with the dog last night.Read More
20 May 2013






Kitten fun this afternoon.... ... See MoreSee Less

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I just received this glowing report on my cattery from Anne-Marie Gericke
Thank you ❤️

This is cat heaven in a beautiful cattery surrounded by most loveable and huggable Siberians! Cherylee and her very dedicated team will introduce you to this stunning breed from most gorgeous kittens to stunning adult cats! I fell so deeply in love with my special Siberian boy, Jasper, and Neva Masquerade, Golubushka, that I can not imagine life without them by my side! A visit to Artekatz Siberians should have top priority on your to do list as a cat lover!
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Some of my recent litters in their new homes!!! 💕💕💕 ... See MoreSee Less

here are some of our first litters in their new homes <3

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1000 LIKES!!!!! On ArteKatz Siberians today!!!
Whoohoooo.... 😊😊😊

And to celebrate Ch. Ierusalem Tzar-Koshka was Best Medium Hair ADULT, at only 9 months old. Thank you Shene, for showing him today!
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She is staying with us ... See MoreSee Less

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