Our Cattery

Our Cattery is located inside a lush garden with lots of trees and hanging baskets, ensuring that our cats have a stimulating environment and can live as naturally as possible. The boys live in their own cages with plants and fountain, as they can not hang out with the girls for obvious reasons. 

How our cattery started

After getting our first Siberian kitten and falling in love with her nature and character, we decided to import another one. Once the decision to import was taken, it was only a short step to importing two cats, and so the idea of breeding cats grew on us. We decided to convert my old art studio into a cattery, an area we had not found any good use for so far and was perfect for this purpose. We planned for a maximum of 8-10 cats …

Just one cage...

In November 2011 we built our first cage, designed with a 4m walkway 3m above the ground to connect the cage to an inside room. Cage 2 followed a few months later with direct access from the inside cattery and this became the favourite cage of the kittens. 

Now that we were committed, cage 3 was built with a 5m walkway passing through cage 2 and half of the garden was enclosed with cat proof fencing. This gives our cats about 200m² outside area with trees to climb and plenty of space to run. Cage 4 and a run followed, then came 5 & 6, no more garden left.

Artekatz Yahoo


 Sp.Ch.Elias vom Hagedorn


Artékatz Harley


Artekatz Siberians

Pet Name: Yahoo

Registration: SACC: 21502032

Stud Number: 8163